Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moody Yachts For Sale & Sold

Over the years Williams & Smithells have probably sold every model of Moody Yacht built.  Our experience and knowledge counts when discussing yachts with buyers and sellers alike.  From keel bolts to coach roofs we’ve had questions and surveys on most.
Moody 54
Moody 47
Moody 46

In recent years we have sold Grenadiers, Carbineer’s 44 and 46, Deck Saloons, MK I’s & II’s of 31’s and 33’s, Moody 34’s 346’s (fin and bilge), Moody 35, the 376 and the popular Moody 38’s, the Moody Eclipses and let’s not forget the impressive and very popular range in the 40s’ from Moody 419, 422 and the 425 shoal or fin keel. Should you own a Moody 46,47 or 54 we’ve sold several of these as well and know there is a definite market for them. If you are thinking of selling a Moody anywhere in the Med let us know and we would happily give you our market opinion.

Moody 38cc

Moody 30
For sale right now through Williams and Smithells we have the following Moody yachts. 
Moody 471 with 2012 survey, Moody 44, Grenadier 134 (under offer), two Moody 425’s, Moody 40 (requires work), impressive 376, Moody 37 three Moody 346’s one a bilge keel, several Moody 34’s one a bilge keel, Moody 33 and a great Moody 30 at a super price.

Moody Grenadier 134
Moody 44

Moody 346 Bilge Keel